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We do what we like...

car handling

We like to work with cars in every way. We got energetic team that can handle any challenge. Planning transfers, coordination of test cars, management on site.

stage driving

Ride around the stage per centimeter? Our precise drivers can handle any of your choreography.

film & photo team support

We would gladly support your filmings or shootings.

road scouting

Test routes, roadbook creation, reporting, film and fotoguide.

Music production

We are creative people and we have a passion for artistry in music. Write us or call us for more information.

Music label

Music management, artist booking, releases.

Film and advertising music

We have a lot of experience with film and advertising music.

Contact us at hello@amteam.eu
Office | Company details

AMTEAM AGENCY EU s.r.o. | IČ: 07296053
Lipecká 370/2, Praha 10 - 108 00, Malešice, Czech Republic
PHONE: +420 736 176 917 |
E-MAIL: office@amteam.eu